The Born To Roam Brotherhood came from our original, or should we say, "The Original" Born To Roam concept/spirit/ideology established back in 2000. A big part of that spirit included the freedom found specifically through the thrill and love of the Biking experience. Join our online Brotherhood by Registering! Just "Click Here". To share your own experiences please visit us at by clicking the menu button at the top of the page.
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There has always been and will be a connection, spoken or not, between bikers on some level as they pass along the road, meet on the streets or at their favorite local hang out. Some people have taken that connection to the level of forming clubs and organizations, while others would rather be Independent Riders making it more of a personal experience. The Born To Roam Independent Brotherhood is merely a way for these bikers to recognize the commonality in spirit of their independent Brothers (and Sisters) by displaying their independent status by ways of belonging to the Independent Brotherhood. No meetings, no fees and no jacket required ( Although we hope to eventually have jackets, emblems and patches available soon).

To summarize the Born To Roam Independent Brotherhood, our motto of "Boldly going anywhere" and "Get Lost ... and find yourself" is simply and expression to celebrate the Born To Roam Spirit through the biker experience. Some say that "All who wander are not lost". We say, if your not lost, you're doing it wrong! It is when you "Get Lost" you experience freedom to open your mind to new possibilities without limits, without fences and with new enthusiasm. We invite you to "Get Lost" with us and continue the Born To Roam Spirit in Boldly Going Anywhere!